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US Airways- ը կալիֆոռնիացի կնոջը վերադարձնում է 3,300 ԱՄՆ դոլար ավերված արձակուրդի համար

կանխիկ ձեռքի տակ
կանխիկ ձեռքի տակ
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In August 2008, Lily Alejandria, a working mother with two children in Folsom, California, organized a dream vacation – a European cruise – for her husband and a few close friends.

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In August 2008, Lily Alejandria, a working mother with two children in Folsom, California, organized a dream vacation – a European cruise – for her husband and a few close friends. They had diligently saved their money for several years to afford the vacation. They checked into the Sacramento International Airport on time and followed the appropriate check-in procedures. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of their vacation nightmare.

US Airways lost all their luggage and Alejandria, her husband, and friends had to board the cruise boat with only the clothes on their backs. They had to purchase their basic necessities from the boat gift shop at inflated prices. The airline finally got their luggage to them at the end of the fifth day of their seven-day cruise.

To make matters worse, one of Alejandria’s friends had an allergic skin reaction from the chemicals on the new clothes that she purchased from the gift shop. She broke out in hives all over her body and had to visit the ship doctor and take a week off from work after their vacation ended.

When they returned home, Alejandria called the airline’s customer service department but they just apologized and did not do anything to compensate her or her companions for the airline’s blunder. “They were very lackadaisical and did not care about my complaint,” says Alejandria, recounting the airline’s response.

After several unsuccessful phone calls, Alejandria retained the services of LetterChamp, which used proprietary methods and processes to quickly resolve her case.

LetterChamp’s professional consumer advocates contacted the corporate executives at US Airways and presented a logical argument with complete documentation. LetterChamp proved that the airline was at fault for the delayed luggage that ruined Alejandria’s dream cruise. LetterChamp held the corporate executives accountable for their company’s mistakes.

Due to consumer-advocacy service from LetterChamp, Alejandria receive a cash refund of over US$3,300 for her ruined vacation.

Today, Alejandria has a smile back on her face and says, “I was ecstatic with the hard work of the LetterChamp consumer advocates. My phone calls fell on the deaf ears of the customer service department. I began to feel my case was over and done until LetterChamp came to the rescue and saved the day. They are my superheroes!”

LetterChamp has successfully collected refunds and product replacements from a variety of companies in multiple industries, including: auto manufacturers, car dealers, computer companies, electronics firms, household appliance manufacturers, major retailers, the travel industry, and many more.

“We have a passion for making sure our clients get the quality products and excellent customer service that they paid for and deserve,” said Allen Banez, founder and president of LetterChamp. “Our corporate philosophy is: You work hard for your money, shouldn’t companies work just as hard to earn and keep your business? We love winning cases for the little guy.”

Visit http://youtube.com/letterchamp to hear Banez explain the consumer advocacy services of the LetterChamp.

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