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Նոր Georgeորջ Բուշի գիրքը, որը գովերգում է Պիրս Օ'Դոնելը

գործը geորջ Բուշի դեմ
գործը geորջ Բուշի դեմ

The Case Against George W. Bush

Foreword by Richard Clarke.

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Acclaimed Author Steven Markoff has a new book, “The Case Against George W. Bush,” that was released late last year on November 13, 2020, and is available for purchase on numerous retail sites. In the small time of its availability, it has been a widespread critical success. The book won the Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Political Book – 2020” and is now getting rave reviews by constitutional lawyer Pierce O’Donnell, author of “In Time of War: Hitler’s Terrorist Attack on America.”

“As I savored his compelling narrative, it felt like I was once again reading transcripts from the Nuremberg Trials. If we want to avoid a similar future assault on our historic commitment to humanitarian values, The Case Against George W. Bush is required reading,” states O’Donnell.

“A sharp prosecution against the former president for the disasters of 9/11 and the Iraq War. As Christopher Hitchens did with Henry Kissinger, so Markoff does with George W. Bush…with every bit of the righteous indignation,” praises Kirkus Reviews. “A provocative, readable indictment for our time….Throughout, Markoff restrains himself from hyperbole and rhetorical flourish, at least until the very end of the book, when he asks, pointedly, ‘Did he think he was above the law or did he care?’ His answer, that we’ll likely never know, does not diminish his characterization of the offenses as ‘reckless, dishonest, and tragically unnecessary.'”

“The Case Against George Bush” is told through almost 600 sourced quotes from over 100 published books and reports. Authors quoted include those from all over the political spectrum including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; Hans Blix, head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission from March 2000 to June 2003; President George W. Bush; former Vice President Richard “Dick” Cheney; former US Senator Russ Feingold; former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; and writers and journalists such as Steve Coll, Frank Rich, Craig Unger, and Bob Woodward.

To check out the full review from Kirkus Reviews, see it here: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/steven-c-markoff/the-case-against-george-w-bush/

Markoff notes tragically that, “9/11, the precursor to Bush’s torture and Iraq invasion, did not have to be.” A quote in his book shows that 9/11 Commission Chairman, Thomas Kean, in a CBS interview in 2003 suggested that the 9/11 attacks might have been prevented. Markoff further states that, “My book simplifies three crimes of George W. Bush, in a way that makes it easy to read and understand. Also, reading about W.’s crimes almost 20 years later, shows how a president hiding important information from the public can lead to unnecessary death and destruction, similar to unnecessary deaths from Covid, when our current president admittedly downplayed the danger and toxicity of Covid in 2020.”

“The Case Against George W. Bush” is an important historical documented perspective. In the book, George W. Bush is accused of three crimes:

-Criminal negligence, because Bush turned a blind eye to the extensive intel he received (beginning even before taking office) that we would be attacked by Al-Qaeda while falsely telling the American people the danger to our country was Saddam Hussein and his WMD. The carnage and damage from Bush not attempting to deal with those threats came to fruition when we were attacked by Al-Qaeda on 9/11.

-Torture, because Bush, in contravention of US and international law, approved if not boasted about torturing captives and secretly sending some off to other countries to be tortured.

-Misleading our country into unnecessarily attacking Iraq in 2003: The estimated deaths from that war exceeded 500,000, many of them women and children. The destruction of other lives, including returning wounded vets and families torn asunder was incalculable.

100% of the royalties the author would normally receive from the book are being directly donated to the nonprofit National September 11 Memorial & Museum in NYC [www.911memorial.org]. “If you know of others who may be interested in this book, we’d appreciate you telling them about it,” states Steve Markoff.

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