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Տնային զանգ
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Blog and magazine lists of the perks at LA’s finest hotels are quick to mention elaborate tea service, fancy gyms, yoga classes, high-end pet care, and more.

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Blog and magazine lists of the perks at LA’s finest hotels are quick to mention elaborate tea service, fancy gyms, yoga classes, high-end pet care, and more. Michael Farzam, MD, of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, on the other hand, provides needed urgent care in Silverlake or Beverly Hills at the most luxurious boutique hotels as well as in entirely nondescript motel rooms. No matter where in Los Angeles, out-of-towners who suddenly find themselves under the weather no longer have to brave confusing freeways to find an urgent care in Calabasas or El Segundo amidst some of the world’s most intimidating urban sprawl.

While most of Dr. Farzam’s patients are Greater Los Angeles locals who prefer to avoid the kind of crowded urgent care Culver City and West L.A. residents expect to find, out-of-town visitors are often especially grateful to find the doctor’s personalized, 24/7 care. Being sick in any strange city can be truly upsetting, but the sheer size and complexity of the Los Angeles area can make simply getting to a doctor’s office stressful enough to make a sick person even sicker. It’s obviously much better to wait for care in the relaxing comfort of your own room rather than dealing with the confusion and traffic of one of the world’s most bustling cities.

Fortunately, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is ready and able to provide outstanding, personalized healthcare on a 24/7 basis wherever patients might be – not only their hotel rooms or homes, but also offices, work sites, and film sets. Whether the problem is an acute illness that makes crosstown travel truly difficult and potentially dangerous, or an ongoing chronic issue that busy patients want to resolve without interrupting work, Dr. Farzam is ready and able to help.

Importantly, the care patients get will be from one L.A.’s finest physicians. A board certified internist, Dr. Farzam has won numerous awards including the Patients Choice Award and Patients Recognition Award. He is also a local favorite, known for his warm, easy-going manner and charismatic personality.

It’s also important to note that you don’t need to have a Four Seasons bank account to afford Dr. Farzam’s help. His services may be covered by insurance in many cases and are otherwise competitive. In a great number of cases, a visit from House Call Doctor Los Angeles may be substantially less expensive than utilizing one of L.A.’s notoriously crowded emergency rooms.

For a schedule of prices and other important information on personalized care that really does come to you, please call 310-849-7991 or visit www.housecalldoctorla.com. Dr. Farzam is looking forward to helping people in need of medical care from throughout the world and throughout Los Angeles County. If you need care, he wants to hear from you.

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